Apr 7 2014

Musings on writing




The expression of thoughts and emotions
via symbols

These, what you see now,

are imperfect attempts at encompassing something too vast to encompass

withing something so limited as these markings that we call letters


Writing is thoughts

given a longer lifespan

in runes


are symbols of power

She took a deep breath, eyes closed and yet seeing.

Releasing her breath in a cleansing AAhhhhhh..

That. What was that if not a series of symbols of power. A spell.

You felt that cleasing, calm, releasing breath.

Et voila.

“And there it is”

Spells of power

Hmm, perhaps there is some deeper meaning to ‘spelling’.


You know what I love about Harry Potter?

He is not so far from reality.


Apr 5 2014

Musings on Writing


The expression of thoughts and emotions
via symbols

These, what you see now,
are imperfect attempts at encompassing something too vast to encompass
withing something so limited as these markings that we call letters


Writing is…

Writing is thoughts
given a longer lifespan
in runes


Runes are…

are symbols of power

She took a deep breath, eyes closed and yet seeing.
Releasing her breath in a cleansing AAhhhhhh..
That. What was that if not a series of symbols of power. A spell.
You felt that cleansing, calm, releasing breath.
Et voila.
“And there it is”
Spells of power

Hmm, perhaps there is some deeper meaning to ‘spelling’.

Mar 25 2014

Copywriting Crash Course Talk (iteration 2)

“Raise your hands if you’ve ever masturbated…”

The video for my Copywriting Crash Course talk is up xD

Mar 9 2014

March-April’s Monthly Experiment(s): Four Hour Work Week Comfort Challenges

So I’m re-reading the Four Hour Work Week, the book that started me on this path of entreprenomading that I’m still building and walking.

And…well, it’s excellent. After three years of trying to build businesses and still making less than 0.5K/month, I’m a little wary and weary of Tim’s claims of people building 40K/month businesses in a half year….yet I also know that people have done this.

Kinda pisses me off that he mislead me like this…until I remember that if I knew how difficult this would be I may not have had the energy to start. And that I have the potential to be making at least 10K/month copywriting within a few months of today, if I chose to drop all else and pursue it. And perhaps an automated 40K/month is within near grasp of me. I know I have at least one business that could potentially achieve this. Perhaps, this time around, I can use some of Tim’s advice and make it happen.

Anyway, back on point: this month’s experiment.

This month, I’ll be taking up the challenges that Tim throws my way in 4HWW. Most of them take 2 days. I’ll also be adding a bunch of my own that challenge my comfort zones.

Let’s begin.


The Eye Gazing Challenge (March 9 – 11, 2014)

The Challenge:

Simple. Make strong eye contact with everyone you meet. As a lower limit, never be the first one to break it.


This is one of those comfort zones that has tended to fluctuate for me. At times, I nearly challenge everyone I meet with an intense stare. At others, it is a curiosity. And, quite often, an inexplicable level of fear or discomfort finds me looking away quickly.

I suspect this will bring me somewhere between the first two. And I think I will enjoy it immensely.


It was awesome. A month later and I still have no problem catching and holding strong eye-contact with everyone. And I love doing it. I find that zoning in on someone’s eyes creates a great opportunity for connection, and helps to create a kind of bubble between you two.

And, each time I do it, I get a little thrill in my chest. Cool feeling.

Hugging (March 13th -March 16th)

The Challenge:

Every day I must hug at least two people, at least one of them a relative stranger. I’m doing this because I crave physical contact and yet am afraid to initiate it.


This is gonna be a bit scary. And it’s gonna feel great.


One cool thing that kept happening (especially in Ubud) was that I would be talking about the challenge and someone would come up and hug me. It was awesome!

Hugging people feels awesome. Especially when you hold it for 6+ seconds.

Getting In Touch With Mentors (April 9 – 16)

The Challenge:

Every day I will attempt to start an ongoing relationship with a hero of mine. I’ll ask them a question, take and implement their advice, and then come back at them with the results and another question.

At least 4 of these guys must be guys I have never talked to before. And at least 3 of them must be really high-level heros of mine.

People I’ll reach out to: Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Jason Mraz, Tynan.


This’ll be interesting. If I can create a loose yet recurring relationship with even one of these guys, that’d be absolutely amazing.

I’ve got no idea what to ask them though. I’m gonna take the approach of asking them a simple advice question, then taking their advice and implementing it, then re-contacting them to tell them the results. What to ask though…huh.

I’ve got Tanya (my VA) researching a 1-pager on all of them so I know what they’re up to and a bit of their history.


Mar 4 2014

Goal Achieved: Be A Model

Mar 3 2014

What I Learned This Week (Feb 24 – Mar 02)

  •  The two things, mainly, that lead to my failure to connect with Sarin:
    • Not having interest in Sarin as a person, but going almost straight from A to A
    • Desperation for an outcome to the oblivion of my ability to listen to and dance with the moment
  • That being open and real and vulnerable with my emotions. It feels good.
  • I am a hippie. A real 70′s-worthy hippie.
  • Sometimes loves just doesn’t work out, despite me doing nearly everything positive. C’est l’amour, I guess.
  • I really get a kick out of breaking stupid rules and defying authority that I have not myself authoritized.

Mar 3 2014

Cutting Off Limbs To Save The Patient

‘Focus. Do one thing at a time and do it well.’

That one one of the excellent bits of advice given to me by Michael when my internship ended at Contenga.

So what do I do upon being free to leap into whatever I wanted? I found one business, co-found two others, and agree to ghost-write and market a book.


That was about four months ago. Today, I dropped/shelved two of those. Both projects I absolutely love, one of them a project I’ve been trying on and off to get off the ground since 2012. I had to hurt one of my close friends and business partners too.

So…why did I do it? Why did I take on so much stuff, and why did I end up hurting myself and others to drop some of it?

And what have I learned?


Who Starts 3 Businesses & A Book In 3 Months?!?

I get excited about new projects like a cat gets excited about passing mice. Without thinking, I see their potential and future in my mind’s eye and go off chasing them to bring them into reality. The thought that this will be anything less than an intense and profitable adventure hardly even crosses my ecstatic mind.

It’s my natural inclination to run with multiple projects at a time. I don’t think I could devote everything I’ve got to just one major goal and stay excited.

So I decided to put my inclination to a test of reality. To let it loose and observe the results. To intentionally bite off more than I can chew.

Choking On Gourmet Mice

Back to that cat analogy, have you ever seen a cat chase and catch three mice (and a book)? Right.

Everything on my plate was gourmet…but that doesn’t matter when you can’t breath through all the food in your mouth.

After a few months of bi-polarism, continually knowing that I’ve been shortchanging my partners, making inchworm progress in many directions, and going from ‘I am god’ to ‘I am fucked’ and back again in 24 hours…and it seemed obvious that my experiment had born results. My hypothesis was that I could do 7 things at once (Surf Stoked, BookKritters, RadNomad, Event Photography Book, MetaLearning Surfing, Monthly Experiments, and Reading) and rock them all. All the while trying to fall in love and meet cool new people and go on the occasional unplanned adventure.

It would appear that that hypothesis has been disproven. I have failed.

On to the next one.

I Seems I Still Have Not Learned The Lesson


As usual with any venture, I learned a lot. I’ve gotten wayy better at outsourcing, and doing what matters now, and at enjoying high-intensity situations.

And, with the results as they are, it would seem that Michael’s theory of focus is worth a test…but I’m not going to test it just yet.

See, I love to do lots of stuff. Being a polymath, or Renaissance man, would seem to be my forte.

So I’m scaling back, but not all the way back to one.

I theorized a month or so ago that the ideal focus situation looks something this:

  • One Major Project
  • One Experiment
  • One Side Project
  • Three Books
    1. Main Focus in Life (Entrepreneurship)
    2. Side Project (MetaLearning/Surfing)
    3. Relax

So that’s what I’ll be doing. See you in a few months, perhaps, with the results.


Projects as of this post:

  • Major Project
    1. Surf Stoked
  • Experiment
    1.  Stakes Experiment
  • Secondary Project
    1.  Event Photography Book
  • Books & Notes
    1. Entrepreneurship: Hackers & Painters by Paul Graham
    2. Learning: The First 20 Hours OR A Surfing Book
    3. Relax: Some New Kind of Trailer Trash by Brad Blanton

Feb 27 2014

What did I learn this week? (Feb 17 – Feb 23)

Loooong board

  • I learned that, past a certain point, it is beneficial to be physically aggressive. When negotaition is over and you are in a fight (or if the alternative to a fight is a failure of your philosophical code), then it is time to fight.
  • Desiring an outcome to the oblivion of you ability to notice the moment and all that it contains, and to use and enjoy it, not only destroys the enjoyment of the moment but also the attainment of the goal. Desperation is a destructive force, internally and externally.
  • patience can be a virtue when combined with action, determination, inspiration, and enjoyment of the process. In fact, in it’s absence, the result can be desperation.
  • How you percieve and think determines a considerable amount of what reality is and becomes.
  • Actions taken to avoid discomfort are never the best actions to take. Neither are the ones taken to avoid (most) fears. Neither are the ones taken in desperate pursuit of an outcome.
  • Worry is not a useful emotion ever.
  • Whenever you feel a negative emotion, take a minute to analyze it and see if you can understand it. If it doesn’t ease off, just feel the emotion without pushing it away.
  • We may be in a simulation. Or a dream. Eitherway, it’s enjoyable to live off the assumption that I control this reality
  • I have been hiding a part of myself from others. The part of me that is scared and unsure and lonely and angry and other emotions that I percieve as negative.
  • On that note, I have forgotten (or, rather, did not notice that I did not apply) myphilosophy that the only negative emotion is boredom. These emotions are positive because they are enjoyable and alive
  • Therefore, I wish to share all of my emotions, without prejudice, with a all those who I feel will understand and be able to feel with me.
  • I fall in love, or perhaps in interest, very very quickly.
  • When I meet a irl who is amaizng an sexy and philosophically powerful, my desire and interest easily overtake my fear.

Feb 17 2014

What major lesson(s) did I learn this week (February 9th – February 16th)?

Eddy Biker Goggles

  • Work can (and should) be a ton of fun. Planning my week, learning to surf, writing…I love these things.
  • I have grown a LOT since last I was in Bali (3 months ago). First, I have learned how I like to work. I like to café jump, discovering new cafes and visiting old favourites. Second, I have so much more freedom. I am seriously not built to take orders.
  • I’m not gay or bisexual. I tried it, and I can do it, but it’s not a big deal for me.
  • Stress isn’t necessary to hold. Flow with what is, added to focus, can achieve better results with less negative.
  • Stopping and taking a look at your emotions, and re-forming them, is always worth it when you’re feeling stressed out
  • Stress and anger will propagate itself. It’ll get worse because it’ll bounce off of others.
  • I feel good when I know I can trust myself. I don’t feel good when I break that trust.
  • I re-learned how to stand up on a surf board, and I learned how to pump a wave.
  • If something is building itself up into a monster in your head, realize it’s not nearly as big as it looks, then tackle it with 2 pomodaros to get it rolling and in perspective.

Feb 13 2014

Monthly Experiment: Morning Prayer

The Morning Prayer Experiment 1
I met a fellow copywriter and lover of life today.

Somewhere in the midst of a few hours lost in conversation mulling over my half-inch stack of copywriting Verbatim work, each other’s Lifspekis, and plans for yoga in Ubud, we made a deal: For one month we will each perform a daily ritual of the other’s choosing.

Laura Viviana, my partner in this experiment, went first.

Every morning I must say a prayer. I wasn’t expecting this at all. Nihilist hedonism, with selfishness as a high virtue, doesn’t tend to click well with prayer. But hey, it’s sure to make a good experiment, eh?

The first word is meant to be a word representing god, or the universe, or love. Whatever that word is to you…or in this case, me.

I mulled this over for like half an hour. Universe is too…used. Ideal self…doesn’t mesh well. Creation doesn’t encompass the feeling. Existance…same problem.

Swinging on the hammock, Sally’s ice coffee in my hand and what I’m sure was an look of extreme consternation on my face, Sally (the owner of the Dragon Pyramid Homestay…best hippie-perfect place I’ve yet lived in Bali) piped in:

“Just use Life.”


“Yeah Life. Use Life.”

“Life. Hmm. Let me try it out.”

A Life based prayer, said for the first time amongst the Yes!’s and Hmm’s of Sally in the background, and I’d found my word. It flows perfectly.

Life, make me an instrument of thy peace.

That where there is hatred, I may bring Love.

That where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness.

That where there is discord, I may bring harmony.

That where there is doubt, I may bring faith.

That where there is error, I may bring truth.

That where there is despair, I may bring hope.

That where there are shadows, I may bring light.

That where there is sadness, I may bring joy.

Life, grant that I may seek rater to comfort, than to be comforted.

To understand, than to be understood.

To love, than to be loved.

For it is by self-forgetting that one finds.

It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.

It is by dying that one awakens to eternal Life.


So that’s it. Every morning, after yoga, I will speak this prayer. Listening to every word.

As odd as it sounds…I’ve already seen it effect my though patterns twice tonight. 30 more nights to go.

As for Laura’s experiment…well, I’ll let her tell that half of this story.

The Morning Prayer Experiment 2Results:

It didn’t much work, mostly because I didn’t stick with it. I didn’t stick with it because I didn’t connect with this prayer.

One part did click though, and still has me thinking about it. “Seek to understand, not to be understood.”.

I love this. And it’s something I don’t usually do. I like it, as it allows me to be secure in my own self-understanding, and at the same time focus my attention outwardly to understand those around me. Beautiful.