Jul 12 2014



It is interesting how the best quotes describe a complete feeling and/or thought in but a few words. And those few words are beautiful.

“Simple ain’t easy.” – Joshua Fields Milburn

“Hard is easy.” – Colin Wright

“All I had to do was start where you start with anything else: at the beginning. You just start. Sit down in the chair, type some words, and then type some more words. A lot more. Until you’ve got enough that you can sit down and whittle away at them and make them better words.

It’s not a very easy process, but it’s doable. Predictably doable, even, if you’re willing to do it over and over and over again for a long time. Isn’t that a comforting thought? Nothing creative is out of your reach, so long as you’re willing to get started and keep going.” – Colin Wright

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” – Unknown

“I shall show you a love philtre compounded without drug or herb or witch’s spell. It is this: if you wish to be loved, love.” – Hecato

“I’m sorry for the length of my letter, but I had not the time to write a short one.” – Blaise Pascal

And that last perfectly describes the concept. Making something as minimall as possible to fully achieve it’s purpose and nothing more is a thing of beauty. To remove all superfluous pieces and dangly bits. To carve and assemble and polish and display something that perfectly achieves what it was made to achieve as efficiently and as beautifully and as seamlessly as possible.

This is an epitome of creation. It is the core of design.

In the wisdom of the copywriters, “Good copy should be like a woman’s skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials, and short enough to keep it interesting.”.

It is not the length of the writing that matters. It is the necessity of it. If 100,000 words are necessary, and those 100,000 words are well chosen and well edited and well placed, then those thousand words are a concise, efficient, emotional, beautiful thing.

Steve Jobs was a master of this. Taking complicated concepts and bringing them into reality in a quiet, natural, asthetic way that ‘just works’. That is one of the labels I most associate with Apple. It ‘just works’. What a claim to perfection! To simply, without seam or hitch, achieve an intended purpose and nothing else.


This is an excerpt from the Words Of Focus project.

Jul 10 2014

Nocturnal Flow


It’s strange that inspiration comes to me ever so late.

Now it’s 420. I have done something that, so far in this experiment, I have been unable to do. I have come home, gone to sleep, and woken back up to write.

It was strange. I woke up knowing that I must write. Even though I had set an alarm over 3 hours earlier for a short 25 minute nap, I still did not wake up for three hours….yet I woke up without a doubt in my mind that now I must write.

And while getting up did take some effort, it was driven by an unquestioned drive. I gotta write. I wasn’t a question, a plea, a demand, or a surrender. It just was. I gotta write.

So I wound myself up with applying the concoction to my wounds, brushing my teeth, and listening to a short letter on Audio Smut. And here we are.

Again, the strangest, and sometimes surprisingly useful and creative, of moods overcomes me when I am at my computer in the early hours of the morning. When I can make it past two AM, something inside me falls into a flow state almost automatically.

The world is turned off, and all that is left is me, one soul, awake at this hour of slumber…creating.

None to disturb me.

Nothing to draw me away.

And, oddly and wonderously, no serious drive to look away.

This is part of the awesome spell that overcomes me: focus.

I hardly even want to grab a bottle of water right now, lest I lose my flow.

I felt that addiction-fueled urge to check Facebook, to check email, even though this hour has been predetermined and does not include those things. Usually, resistance is a battle. It is now too, but the outcome is clear almost from the beginning of the fight. I do not want to open facebook to see if any cute girls messaged me. I do not want to open email and read about what my businesses need from me.

I gotta write.

The other half of this magical spell is the passion and playfulness of my creativity in the early hours.

I love that compared to the day, the world is unchanging this moment.

At 520, everyone will still be asleep.

At 520, it will still be dark outside. Perhaps the first few lights of dawn hearalding the day to come.

At 520, I will be surrouneded by as many people as I am now. None. The music will be the same as it is now. Repetitive cloverfield. My writing will be done. My sleep will resume.

I would so love to be able to wake up at 4 am every day. To stay up for an hour or three, then to go back to sleep. It would require naps through the day. Naps which I will be happy to take. Then my waking hours can be shortened, and I can create this bubble. This spell.

I wonder how this spell would fare with consistency. Would it return night upon night? Would joining the flow be as simple as sitting down and beginning to tap the keys?

I do not know.

I would want a thing. A general purpose.

But I don’t think it can be a must.

Or, perhaps, not all of it.

It could be the time of my writing. I wake up at 4 and write my hour. Then I can go back to sleep. Or I can stay up and explore something else. But I have begun, and so the spell has had it’s chance to be cast.

From there, it is in fate’s hand.

This is an excerpt from the Words Of Focus project.

Jun 20 2014

The Words Of Focus Project

For one hour a day for the next 90 days, I will write.


Because I have failed myself so often that I can no longer trust myself not to fail. Because I no longer believe my own resolutions to myself. Because I have trained myself to submit to the inertia of stagnation.

So here is a test. A challenge to the very core of my being. Can I sit down, every single day, for one whole hour, for 90 days in a row, and write?

If I can, then I know I can keep any resolution I set myself.

This may suck. By all accounts, it’s sure to suck.

But, every day, for the next 90 days, for 60 minutes each day, I will write.

Can I do this? It feels only slightly over dramatic to say that my life depends on it.

For what I am doing is more than just writing. What I am doing is training myself, proving to myself, that I can resolve to do something, and then persist to have it done.

I will be publishing these daily walls of words at sett.com/wordsoffocus/.

I don’t recommend you read it, to be honest. It’s essentially a long ass series of unedited first drafts. There is a fair amount of gold in there, but not in nearly as concentrated as you will find on, say, Tynan.com or a good book.

But, for those who are interested in my ramblings over the next 90 days, there they will be.

Jun 3 2014

How To Use Data To Make Good Decisions

Making Decisions
Last week I was faced with a life changing choice and 48 hours to make a decision.

This was big. The biggest and most difficult choice I’d been presented with in perhaps years. In the process of making it, I stumbled into creating a decision-making process I’ll be using to make big choices from here on out.

It combines Tim Ferriss’ fear-setting method, some data-geek metric-loving, feedback from the 15 people in the world who’s opinions I most trust (and who’s thoughts I go and pondered to make this choice), and the process of ‘percolation’ used by the world’s greatest copywriters, and Barry Shwarz’s thoughts on The Paradox of Choice.

Here is my method for making huge decisions…

Step 1: Dodge Paradox of Choice

First off, narrow your options down to no more than three concrete and well-defined choices. More than that, and your mind won’t be able to fully grasp all the variables. You’ll loose yourself to analysis paralysis.

Make sure they are clear, concrete, and easy to convey in no more than a few sentences each.

Here’s a good look at Paradox of Choice.


I narrowed down my choices to…

1) Work with Salty Volt & Linchpin. Full schedule, highest and most certain monetary value, stress guaranteed. 

2) Work with Salty Volt & Best Trip Advice. Full schedule, lower guaranteed monetary value but possible huge value to be made via part ownership of BTA, stress guaranteed.

3) Work with Salty Volt only. Spare time and energy to devoted to other things, equal guaranteed monetary value with #2, low stress.

After a bit of thought, I decided to drop option 1 due to my desire to only take on projects I’m deeply passionate about.

Step 2: Gather Data

Collect all the information you can about each of your choices. Ping the few people you most trust and admire in the world, tell them briefly what each choice looks like, and ask them which option they think you should choose. If they have a few extra minutes, tell them you’d love to hear why they think what they think.


I identified my 15 tribe members who I most admire and whose opinions I most trust. Then sent them a medium sized email that quickly defined my options, told them I my timeline, and told them I’d love to hear their thoughts.

Step 3: Define Fears & Dreams

Use Tim Ferriss’ method of fear-defining to, in deep detail, define exactly what the very worst and very best case scenarios look like for your options.


Look to Step 4

Step 4: Quantify

Following a modified version of Tim’s method in step 3, give each case a score between 1-10 representing how impactful it would be to your life.

1= No impact. Nothing changes.
2= Pretty significant impact. Noticable life change.
3= HUGE impact. Life changing.

Now give each case a percentage number based on how likely it is to happen.


  Worst Case Best Case
SV & BTA I screw up both Salty Volt and Best Trip Advice. Tim and I go cold. Kat and Luke and Sofia all resent me for fucking up. Some word gets out and I have trouble getting new clients.

I have virtally no savings. A few hundred dollars, maybe.
I fly back to Canada a bit defeated. Start trying to find feelance clients again.


ODDS: 25%

I kick ass with Salty Volt, writing everything that needs to be written, wonderfully, rocking out the community, helping find investors, doing a PR launch. We keep working togther with me as community manager and growth hacker for $1000/month. 

Best Trip Advice is making $2500 in sales a month from now, I own 10% of it and so am making $250/month off that. It’s growing.

My relationships with Tim and with Katie and with Luke and with Sofia are all excellent. I’ve surrounded myself and am working fully with really awesome people.


ODDS: 25%

SV I give Salty Volt everything I’ve got, get paid the $1100. For whatever reason, our work together ends there. Relationships stagnate. Relationship with Tim stays lukewarm as it is now. RadNomad, despite my best efforts, stays grounded.
I get no additional freelance gigs.

I’ve got like $500 in the bank.

Once again, I’m searching for freelance gigs



ODDS: 10%

I kick ass with Salty Volt, writing everything that needs to be written, wonderfully, rocking out the community, helping find investors, doing a PR launch. We keep working togther with me as community manager and growth hacker for $1000/month. My relationships with Katie and with Luke and with Sofia are all excellent. I’ve surrounded myself and am working fully with really awesome people.

I take on a few rad clients here and there that I find via Salty Volt and other connections. I’m bringing in another $500/month without too much extra work.

The RadNomad community is growing, I’m making about $100/month through amazon sales and playing around with growth hacking techniques.

Impact: 8
ODDS: 40%

Step 5: Score

Now do some math. For each choice, multiply each impact score by it’s likelihood to happen, then subtract the final worst case number from the final best case number.


SV & BTA: (9*25)-(5*25)= 100

SV Only: (8*40)-(2*10)= 300

Step 6: Percolate

Now take a whole day off. Vow not to think about it for just one day. When you do catch yourself thinking about it, stop.

This is pulled from Joe Sugarman’s copywriting method of stepping away from his writing and going to do literally anything else for a while. When he would come back, he found that subconscious had mulled it over and he was able to see a ton of improvements and ideas that he couldn’t see before his percolation.

Step 7: Decision Time

Come back, look at the numbers, feel what your gut instinct tells you.

You have all the info. Now give yourself 2 hours to make your decision.

Once it’s made, it’s made. No more thinking on it, the choice has been made. “The word decision, closely related to incision, derives from the meaning ‘a cutting off’.” – Tim Ferriss

Commit to it and have no second guessing. In the words of Markus Almond, “Commit yourself fully to your decisions and happiness will follow.”

May 10 2014

The Sun Will Rise. It Always Does.

A story about my first ever night of living homeless. Written in grade 12, and dug up from my archives just now.


Up. I can see no light through my eyelids. My poisoned stomach and heavy muscles tell me I’ve slept little if that. My tongue rolls around my sour mouth, striving to escape, forcing the stagnant taste away bit by bit. Stinging eyes open to the world, and bring to me a scene of twilight.

Cloudy sky – kissed by the foremost scouting rays of sunlight – a faint purple, a shade brighter than the night. All of this, the generator, the sky, the rocks, and the roads, are encompassed by a formidable silence. A hand, charmed by the simple serenity, loosens it’s grip on the primitive rock pile, forgetting this simple weapon and the fears that created it. Into a sit-up position, arms clasped around dirty knees, I survey my territory. This is my sanctuary, from the dirty Buddhist garden rocks, to the metal grills of the generators, and I have marked it a refuge for wounded souls. My gaze wanders to the nearest generator, the soft metal screen in which determined fingers carved the word SAFE. That single word, a physical embodiment of the emotional bubble I have created upon this suburb oasis. Flanking this gentle proclamation, like guards against the world, stand my two aliases at cocky angles. Raza to the left and Rodrigo to the right. My true name is not here, held back by an unexplainable terror of discovery. I am no longer here, my thoughts have returned to the night.

The taxies. So many taxies flanking my castle, like vicious guard dogs intent on testing my determination. I cannot be seen. I must remain a ghost, a specter, or else risk discovery and it’s dire consequences. I flow from my hiding place behind the billboard, sandals whispering across the pavement, and steal to the ladder. Stone calves propel me upwards, fingers grace the cool metal bars and slip, and relentless gravity slams me back to earth. Panic. I can almost hear the taxi’s growl as it comes back into view, accusing headlights flooding into my crime scene, blinding me and forcing me to flee my only refuge. NO! Again I leap, hand grasps metal and feet slap against wall, propelling me upwards. I scramble, monkey like, and haul myself out of sight and into safety.

For a moment, nothing, and then a mental tidal wave. Safe! What if I’ve been seen? I can rest! No, not yet, I must be prepared for the worst. I am stricken by pleasure and fear as my eyes register the shattered electric blue bottle. This place is known, and has been used before. Demons posing as teenage mobs and mechanical policemen torment my imagination. Carefully, I scuttle to my barricade behind the ideal generator. My spot is perfect, hidden from the ladder’s sight and close enough for a mad dash towards my only escape.

I must be ready for fight and flight. The hunted homeless live in constant flight, and all wanderers must guard against the fingers and heavy boots of their companion night-time vagabonds. Worn fingers form two piles out of the cool and grimy rocks, close projectiles against all who dare to approach. In my mind, a lightning reel of scenes flit across a blank screen. I wake up to fling my defence against my noisy foe, crunching across the sentient stones. No, for he is not loud but silent, until I feel the blinding impact of his boot against my head. No, he is another wayward friend, curious to hear my story and glad as I to have an understanding companion. The occasional car buzzes by on a solitary mission, and the words and wheezes of the taxies drift intermittently into my ears. I lay down beneath the stars, leather jacket serving the role of pillow, and watch my thoughts careen through space, colliding and drifting and whipping up emotions.

Ouch. Sharp pain yanks me back into the morning. Body shifts and searching fingers find the metal imbedded into my shirt. Yanked out, the staple’s cruel edge beckons a powerful and silent humour. Eyes follow it end over end, catching the light, to crash into the distant rocky field. The rocks, bathed in the calm pre-sun-light, speak of a cold hard freedom: a painful and brokenly perfect state of life.

The plastic bottle peeks out of my backpack, and suddenly my throat is a barren and poisoned desert. I lunge towards the softly blue bottle, and the white cap gives way to incessant twisting. The sour dryness is suppressed by a tasteless cold flow, twisting soothingly down my throat, only to resurface, weaker, as the bottle is lowered. Again, not spilling a drop, knowing that the next bottle will have to be won or stolen. From the open zipper emerges a gleaming black laptop, a beautiful anchor connecting me to homeless knowledge, living friends, and myself. I put on soothing music and clamour atop my barricade/signpost/generator. The notes, hinting at renewal and beautiful life, circle around me, a constant reminder that all will be okay, even as my thoughts return to the troubles that caused me to flee.

I close my eyes on the glistening birth of the red sun, and sit back to examine my thoughts in my sheltered and chilly valley, surrounded by powerful mountains of protective music. My eyelids slowly redden and I calmly observe my anger. My house mates, my setbacks, my scattered plans, my dashed hopes. I sooth the jittery, roaring beast, knowing that somehow I will succeed. I must. Open again, I look across my vast world, electric fear and delight zapping my nerves as I contemplate my boundless freedom.

This world holds an endless supply of powerful emotions. The yellowing sun soars higher into his empty sky and I stand up, staring straight into the heart of my heavenly companion. It’s time to get up, live, and enjoy the now.

Apr 27 2014

A Conversation With Myself

Hey man, good to see you again. I wonder why we’ve never talked like this before.

It probably came from Flo’s thing about having conversations in his head with other people when he wants to figure things out. You said in response that you talk to the Hero that is Eddy. Well, did you really? You tried to be me, to see through my eyes and assume my internalized philosophies…but you and I never sat down and just talked.

God this feels weird. We’ve never talked one on one before. I actually see you as external.

I see you as external as well, though not as external as you see me…I understand you well.

Yeah. We’re different…yet we understand eachother as well as we understand ourselves. Or roughly so.

Ah! You know, I just realized one thing I like about youme. You don’t speak unless you have something worth hearing to say.

And you craft your words so that what is worth saying comes across as clearly as possible.

Ok, so why did we meet here?

Well, in part we met here to try this. To see if it works. You and I both feel skepticism…but I, of course, take note of that and treat this as an experiment. At the moment, you sometimes have trouble letting go of your bias through the experiment. Try it.

Okay. This is just an an experiment. We’re going to see what happens. Uhm, I want a hypothesis. Something to measure against.

Good idea.

Okay. The hypothesis is that this will allow me to see myself and my issues as I see those of others. You will be able to advise me from your higher seat of clarity as we sometimes do for others who come to us with issues and thoughts.

Nice. Yes. Let me restate that to keep it solid in our mind.

Our hypothesis is that, by having a written conversations with each other here on paper, I, the Hero of Eddy, will be able to advise you, Current Eddy, as I would advise a completely separate person. And so bring you closer to me, as we both desire you to be.


So. What’s up?

Okay. So there’s a bunch of stuff

Boom, right there. A BUNCH of stuff. Narrow it down to one, man. Just one. Then keep that in your head. You can deal with that…then the next one…and the next…all the while only having one thing in your focus at any given moment.

What is the most enjoyable one focus you can have now?

Well, now the focus is this conversation.

After this is a mapping of how I wish this day to unfold.

Then the focus will be on the unfolding, starting with a great mission, then learning as rest, and then back to great missions, and ending with the low level work that is email and the like.


Talk with the Hero of Eddy. Plan day (start high, then learn, then high, then low, then complete rest).

Shit, low battery.

Turn off wifi. Dim screen. Go quickly (and while maintaining focus) inquire about outlet.

You know what’s interesting. I just realized, while doing that, that much of the Hero of Eddy is made up of past philosophies I had once. My understanding of the universal language and how everyone understands everyone else’s truth (which completely explains my inability to connect with people…..I’m doing it in a conniving way!). My playfulness and lack of worry and confidence in ability regardless of situation.

Hmm, when I hit a brain blank, what is ideal for me to do? In the words of…someone… it is best to stop in the middle of something. In the middle of a sentence, even.

Yeah! Nice catch man.

Okay, so let’s move onto the next ‘lack-of-clarity’ I have. My motivation is sapped.

Does it remain sapped when you know that all you have to do, the only thing that matters, is planning your day?

Kinda. Not as much but kinda. Part of it is just that I know it’ll be hard. This rad music is nice.

By hard you mean uncomfortable. More uncomfortable than that gnawing feeling of slacking off?

No. Definitely not.

And, of course, the rule of 5ths. It’s 1/5th as uncomfortable as you expect it to be, and 5x as enjoyable as you expect it to be.


The key as we both know is to just start and continue for 1 session. It’s that easy. Stay focused, and you’ll stay focused.

Righto. I’ll plan my day here, and build into it a trip to Farmer’s Yard to shower and all that…while listening to a good podcast of course. Then off to a nice cafe for a great day of creation via Asus.

Ah, how we love our wordplay.


Hey, remember the comma? We have such an awareness and understanding of it’s use because, at first, it was beyond us. So we focused, with the help of a great teacher, on understanding and mastering it…and now we rock with the comma! When we fail at something we desire, we must simply persevere in achieving it and understanding it. This will ensure mastery.

“A master is simply one who has made all the mistakes one can make in a narrow field”

This has been good so far. Is there anything else we should talk about. Yes, there is.

Women! Love! Loneliness! Ah, Hero of Eddy, how do I approach this.

What do you desire?

What do I desire. I desire to find a few amazing and interesting women. And to spend my time with them with full expression of my desire and sexuality, but in a way that dances with who they are and what the world is around us at any given moment. Truth to myself, awareness and flow with what is, and the ability to guide that flow while keeping it in flow.

Nice. Very nice. How would you achieve that?

The Socratic method requires trust. Great trust in one’s ability to solve one’s own problems. For the suggestions of others are never accepted as deeply as the suggestions of ourselves are. The Socratic method is simply the art of asking the right questions.

Hmm, nice. Save that for saving. Okay, so how would you achieve a situation where you know a few sexy and amazing women who are awesome, who you spend time with doing fun things, who you are real and honest and sexual with, while dancing in the flow of what is towards what you desire?

Okay. Well to spend time with them requires time and the ability to spend it doing wonderful things. Money helps there. So does the knowledge that my time with them is improving my complete enjoyment by serving as rejuvenation from what was an intense, regular, and creative previous state.

Both of those mean intense focus and energy put into creating, as well as creative ways to relax.

Okay, so that’s the first step. Deep focus and energy on creating what I want (which is in part getting money, of course).

The second step is spending time with them. All that requires is spending time with awesome people as often as possible. Easy. Also, inviting people to do enjoyable things together. So keep up to date with what is going on that is awesome and, if nothing awesome is happening, devote that time to creation.

Right. Next step? How would be able to be honest and sexual around them.

Ah, this one is a not as easy. It requires failure.

It is simple though. Simply follow fear to it’s root…then exercise that root. By doing it.

You will be afraid of touching her. So, while keeping in touch with the flow, touch her. And congradulate yourself on doing so.

Should the result be negative, take a look at what happened and see if you can better stay in and guide the flow next time.

There it is.

There it is.

To codify that:

A) All time that is not spent enjoying and connecting with awesome people doing awesome rejuvenating things will be spend creating.

B) Rest time will be spent planning rejuvenating enjoyment. 

C) Identify and exercise the root of fears. Feel pride when having done so. Then analyze result so the next one will be even more enjoyable.

Nice. I’ll TK that myself.

Okay, anything else?

No. Oh how light hearted I feel, literally, at having a concrete solution to this previous confusion.

See if anything else makes you feel heavy of heart.


Not to worry. Continue along the path you now follow, improved with aforementioned creation/rejuvenation cycle. Survive off ‘rations’. Money will be earned in small time.



Apr 7 2014

Musings on writing




The expression of thoughts and emotions
via symbols

These, what you see now,

are imperfect attempts at encompassing something too vast to encompass

withing something so limited as these markings that we call letters


Writing is thoughts

given a longer lifespan

in runes


are symbols of power

She took a deep breath, eyes closed and yet seeing.

Releasing her breath in a cleansing AAhhhhhh..

That. What was that if not a series of symbols of power. A spell.

You felt that cleasing, calm, releasing breath.

Et voila.

“And there it is”

Spells of power

Hmm, perhaps there is some deeper meaning to ‘spelling’.


You know what I love about Harry Potter?

He is not so far from reality.


Mar 25 2014

Copywriting Crash Course Talk (iteration 2)

“Raise your hands if you’ve ever masturbated…”

The video for my Copywriting Crash Course talk is up xD

Mar 9 2014

March-April’s Monthly Experiment(s): Four Hour Work Week Comfort Challenges

So I’m re-reading the Four Hour Work Week, the book that started me on this path of entreprenomading that I’m still building and walking.

And…well, it’s excellent. After three years of trying to build businesses and still making less than 0.5K/month, I’m a little wary and weary of Tim’s claims of people building 40K/month businesses in a half year….yet I also know that people have done this.

Kinda pisses me off that he mislead me like this…until I remember that if I knew how difficult this would be I may not have had the energy to start. And that I have the potential to be making at least 10K/month copywriting within a few months of today, if I chose to drop all else and pursue it. And perhaps an automated 40K/month is within near grasp of me. I know I have at least one business that could potentially achieve this. Perhaps, this time around, I can use some of Tim’s advice and make it happen.

Anyway, back on point: this month’s experiment.

This month, I’ll be taking up the challenges that Tim throws my way in 4HWW. Most of them take 2 days. I’ll also be adding a bunch of my own that challenge my comfort zones.

Let’s begin.


The Eye Gazing Challenge (March 9 – 11, 2014)

The Challenge:

Simple. Make strong eye contact with everyone you meet. As a lower limit, never be the first one to break it.


This is one of those comfort zones that has tended to fluctuate for me. At times, I nearly challenge everyone I meet with an intense stare. At others, it is a curiosity. And, quite often, an inexplicable level of fear or discomfort finds me looking away quickly.

I suspect this will bring me somewhere between the first two. And I think I will enjoy it immensely.


It was awesome. A month later and I still have no problem catching and holding strong eye-contact with everyone. And I love doing it. I find that zoning in on someone’s eyes creates a great opportunity for connection, and helps to create a kind of bubble between you two.

And, each time I do it, I get a little thrill in my chest. Cool feeling.

Hugging (March 13th -March 16th)

The Challenge:

Every day I must hug at least two people, at least one of them a relative stranger. I’m doing this because I crave physical contact and yet am afraid to initiate it.


This is gonna be a bit scary. And it’s gonna feel great.


One cool thing that kept happening (especially in Ubud) was that I would be talking about the challenge and someone would come up and hug me. It was awesome!

Hugging people feels awesome. Especially when you hold it for 6+ seconds.

Getting In Touch With Mentors (April 9 – 16)

The Challenge:

Every day I will attempt to start an ongoing relationship with a hero of mine. I’ll ask them a question, take and implement their advice, and then come back at them with the results and another question.

At least 4 of these guys must be guys I have never talked to before. And at least 3 of them must be really high-level heros of mine.

People I’ll reach out to: Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Jason Mraz, Tynan.


This’ll be interesting. If I can create a loose yet recurring relationship with even one of these guys, that’d be absolutely amazing.

I’ve got no idea what to ask them though. I’m gonna take the approach of asking them a simple advice question, then taking their advice and implementing it, then re-contacting them to tell them the results. What to ask though…huh.

I’ve got Tanya (my VA) researching a 1-pager on all of them so I know what they’re up to and a bit of their history.


Mar 4 2014

Goal Achieved: Be A Model